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For the current rules of sport kite competition try or the download page.

Compulsory figures

The first till fifth AKA (the American Kiteflyers' Association) books contain a limited list of compulsory figures for individual and team flyers, using two line kites.
For use in STACK (Sport, Team And Competitive Kiting) competitions I redid these figures, and designed and added new ones for all six forms of competition (every combination of individual, pair and team competition with either two or four line kites). From 1993 on I issued several compulsory books with all the figures, used for many years by STACK and even in the USA.
You will find all the (100+) figures in the "STACK" section
For my sport kite competition rules I redid old ones, scratched ones not suited anymore (i.m.o.),
and added new ones. Have a look at the 'common rules' section.
The ones I like best can also be seen in "real screen 3d"


To help flyers, judges and organisers I wrote three handbooks. Thanks to the help of other flyers, judges and organisers much knowledge is collected. It includes schedules/ checklists for the first pilots meeting (for pilots and for the chief judge) as well as an example field set-up. So you don't have to invent the kite again!

See the handbook page (downloads); you will find downloadable rulebooks there too.

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