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Link to webpages of the kite acrobatic competition rules:
Explanation about figures
Rules -under construction-

PDF versions, latest changes April 2012

After more than ten years time has come to have a good look at the rules again and Andrew Taylor and I took a lot of time to do so!
and the International Compulsory and Tricks Book for Kite Acrobatics Competitions:
the basics
two line kite figures
four line kite figures
of the Compulsory and Tricks Books.
Please give your ideas for either keeping old ones, or develope new ones to add to part 2.
Comments on the books are welcomed (and of course seriously considered); see e-mail address below.

Handbooks and other information is still here of course.
handbook for flyers
first pilots' meeting schedule for flyers
handbook for judges
first pilots' meeting schedule for judges
handbook for organisers
All in PDF-format
drawing for field set-up
explained in the organisers handbook
spreadsheet with all scoresheets (2012), and other paperwork
including explanations how one could use it. Zipped, in Open Office format

Scoring spreadsheet (workbook), includes judges' comparison statistics
following the 2012 Rule Book in Open Office format
You can download the International Rule book for Kite Acrobatics Competitions, in PDF-format too here


Paper versions of all books are available too. Size (as in the pdf files) is A6 (paper format 105 x 148 mm or about 4 x 5.5 inch), except flyers handbook, which is A7; in a two ring binder. This will fit into a pocket of your jacket easily. Just send me an e-mail for more information.

You might want to read more about judging, this link will send you to a page with articles I wrote for KiteLife e-zine, and info about the set-up for a judging course/seminar

If you want the IRBC books (versions november 2006) in either compact .pdf format or on paper, in a handy format; I prepared the rule books in A6 format too, handy!
e-mail me if you want any
The originals to be found on

latest changes 10-02-2013

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