Competition information 2013

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National competitions

Nation Website National Director
  • Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg
  • STACK BeNeLux Stephen Versteegh
    Format to be used in 2013
    "Short Compact": 3 compuslory figures (to be flown without setup time in between) followed by a ballet
    according to "Kite acrobatics rule book" format E.
    3 Compulsories for each competition to be selected from the following list:

    Arc Circle; Follow the Flow; Square and Circle; Tipped Square; Lazy Eight; Tic Tac.

    Diagrams and description here
  • France
  • STACK France (covered by FFVL) Michel Durup
  • Germany
  • STACK Germany (covered by FLD e.V.) Bernhard Schaper
  • Italy
  • STACK Italy Graziano Pigliapoco
  • Lituania
  • no site yet
  • Hungary
  • no site yet
  • Russia
  • no site yet Mike Loskov
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • STACK Sweden Anders Matson
  • United Kingdom
  • STACK UK Keith Griffiths

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