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[2014 - 01 - 01] STACK International resolved.

Ending STACK International

In februari 2012 it became clear STACK International was only hardly 'alive'.

Nobody (other SIEC members, National Directors, members) seemed to be interested in elections for SIEC (as prescribed in the charter), neither to be candidates, neither even to initiate these elections.

It was not the beginning of the end. In the years before no SIEC member actually did any part of what was set as tasks in the Charter. As Event Coordinator I tried to maintain a web site, a calender and 'process' sanction requests; acted as Treasurer. Despite several conversations with the other SIEC members that was all what was done.

Only a few National Directors followed what is in the Charter. U.K., Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia mailed me membership lists, Only the first four ever asked for sanctioning competition.

After my e-mail about the elections, containing some solutions, Andrew Taylor and Lothar Richter resigned in april 2012. In an email Andrew suggested “it was now up to the ND's, who represent there members, to act”.

Andrews suggestion, though, was not correct, and strange in more than one way. N.D.'s should -and could- have acted before. And according to the Charter the N.D.'s do not represent there members, they represent STACK in their coutry towards the members of STACK. Members of national organisations are also -direct- members of STACK International.

Although it seemed the N.D.'s assumed SIEC existed , I did not receive much of the many (?) emails that were sent around. In the few I got it looked like the N.D.'s tried to reinvent STACK, including a charter, competition rules etc. “Communication is the key” may have been (is?) true; the little that was there lead to very litle!

The way the 'Euro Cup' in Cervia was initiated and run (see note 1) showed clearly -again- that STACK International was no longer of importance, or even alive.

One of the main goals of STACK's founding was to provide pilots with well organised, standard international competitions. Keeping the fun of flying, without the problems of unclear rules, bad figures or small, bumpy, wet fields or lack of organisation for instance.

As a member of STACK since 1989, and with almost 8 years in SIEC, it was not an easy decision to end STACK International. A conversation with one of the founders made clear to me it is the only possible solution. The total lack of communication of -almost all of- the ND's and all the other former SIEC members show this decision has been taken by others already.

One of the things to do now is to give the money that STACK International has to the members (of STACK International! see note 3). To do so I expect every N.D. to send me a full list of their members, which should include (at least) name and valid address (either mail or e-mail), and the data of a bank account to send the money to, before the end of februari 2014. I will divide the money, keeping 1 euro per member to make it possible for me to inform members directly. Full information about the STACK account will then be send to the ND's as well.

Other actions: inform also AKA, AJSKA, IKF and IRBC (see note 2) that STACK no longer exists; keep the website, but change its status.

The ownership of the STACK name and logo (as far as that exists) goes to STACK U.K., since it is there that STACK originates.

Hans Jansen op de Haar

Note 1.

Andrew Taylor mailed me a proposal to initiate a “belated Euro Cup 2012” in combination with the Cervia Kite festival. He would act as Chief Judge. Organiser would be STACK Italy. After my answer that I had my doubts about it, because it would probably make organising a Euro Cup 2013 very unlikely, and my remark that it was up to SIEC to appoint a Chief judge, since he retired as IHJ, I received no further emails. Non of the demands set in the Charter and Euro Cup addendum were met; and most of the competitors did not compete in a sanctioned event the year before (the French even years before) so were not entitled to compete in a EC, the change from “2012” to “2013” made no difference.

SIEC has supported several E.C.'s with money (around 600 to 800 euro) and I got a request to support this event too. Since it was not a STACK event, and more importantly, actually undermined (even by ex-siec members) what STACK was standing for, I -as treasurer- refused. The other SIEC member disagreed with my decision, but the charter does not mention “casting vote” for the chair person.

Note 2

The International Head Judge is one of the two representatives of STACK in the IRBC. For Andrew Taylor that ended in april 2012; for David Morley that ends now (at the latest!).

I have not seen any evidence the representatives of STACK has done any work in the IRBC over the last four years (ending 2012). The only note by the IRBC in those years was sent -only- to the participants in the World championships Berck.

(which is an invitational tournament, privatly organised by two peolple, into which STACK as an organisation, has/had no influence/connection whatsoever. The use of the STACK logo and name there are not justified.

Note 3

There have been made some remarks about legal issues about membership lists and information.

STACK International/SIEC has the -legal- right to maintain a full membership list. According to the Charter (agreed to by the ND's) all members of the national organisations are member of STACK International.

Note 4

STACK was the only world-wide sport kite flyers organisation. There is no substitute. Given that this little sport is even getting smaller it is unlikely there will be one (soon). It will be up to national kiting organisations to support that form of kite flying.

For a number of east-Asian countries this form of kiting is -relatively- new, and, more importantly, growing. With that in mind I offered my help (from a distance) in 2005 to the organisers of the Weifang kite festival in organising kite competitions. The IKF (International Kite Federation) has changed since then from a rather vague group to a well structured, governement supported -national- organisation. I have been and are involved in the IKF and offered to supply the rules for kite acrobatics competitions. Knowing quite well the existance of the IRBC(-books) the IKF chose to implement the books I wrote. Introduction and the start of judges' training took place early december; as part of this I will open a website on januari 15 about rules, figures etc. It will contain also a proposal for a proces to develop an international kiting organisation (which actually was written in 2006).

[ ]

[2013 - 01 - 02] STACK's future is ending ...!

No deveolpments regarding the future of STACK International; at least to my knowledge (I did not receive any e-mails from Nationa Directors)
No elections have been held in Februari; the only -almost- official solution, to change the charter, had no support.
Given that both Andrew Taylor, the International Head Judge, as well as Lothar Richter, the Pilot's representative, have stopped in April;
Hubert Dessaint, the Chair Person, has shown no activities there is no other solution then to resolve STACK International.
I will -try- to inform all members when I know details.

[2012 - 06 - 15] STACK is flying low!

The final days..?

[2013 - 03 - 30] EC2012

For the proposed 'belated' Euro Cup 2012 I (the event coordinator) did receive no information about sanctioning(-request), about participants names or registration, including which sanctioned ccompetitions they have flow the year before (except for the French, they did not requested any sanctioning for the last two years).
This means this competition can not be a STACK sanctioned competition
The organisers should realize this undermines STACK as a sport kite organisation and, hence, removes assurance to flyers that competitions are "standard"; one of the main goals of STACK,
and one of the main reasons to found STACK in the first place!
The Event coordinator

[2012 - 04 - 20] Rules and figure

The final text of the new rule books is available. See at the right.
Siec will sanction also competitions following those rules. including diagrams and descriptions of figures

[2012 - 04 - 01] Euro Cup 2012; where?

Siec received an offer for the Euro Cup 2012 in Valencia, Spain.
Unfortunately organisers have informed Siec they can not uphold their proposal, due to "political" problems! Siec awaits new ideas . . .

[2012 - 01 - 04] Euro Cup 2012

Siec received an offer (not a final bid) to organise the Euro Cup 2012 in Valencia, Spain.
Proposed dates 7,8,9 september. We will keep you informed.
Calender for 2012 added. But it is still almost empty!

[2011 - 10 - 04] Euro Cup 2011 news

Euro Cup 2011 complete scores with judges' names are published

Euro Cup 2011 overall scores and the results published. Have a look at the EC 2011 page (link on the left)
Complete scores with judges' names will follow soon

[2011 - 09 - 20] Euro Cup 2011 news

Euro Cup 2011 startlists and staff names are published. Have a look at the EC 2011 page (link on the left)
Preliminary planning will follow soon

[2011 - 08 - 02] Euro Cup 2011 news

Euro Cup 2011 figures are published. Have a look at the -preliminary- EC 2011 page (link on the left)
Time to practice, only six figures! Three will be selected on competition day.

[2011 - 06 - 27] Euro Cup 2011 news

Details about Euro Cup 2011 are published. Have a look at the -preliminary- EC 2011 page (link on the left)
Questions to your ND or the Stack event coordinator
Time to practice..!

[2011 - 05 - 25] Draft of new rule book

Andrew Taylor and Hans Jansen op de Haar have published drafts for a new Rule book and the basis for a Compulsory book.
Based on their combined years of experience as flyers and judges they concluded an update or replacement of current books was needed. You can download the books from
Comments are very welcome, as are ideas for compulsory figures; please send them to Andrew, Hans or your ND.

For clarification (and in response to some concerns that have been raised) -
1) The Rules Books are, at present, first public draft versions, awaiting feedback, comments and contributions from Stack members and others seriously interested in kite competitions.
2) The deadline for submitting feedback, comments and contributions is 15 August 2011
3) In the period between 15 August and 15 September 2011 we will endeavour to collate and incorporate your contributions into the Rules Books
4) In the week before Eurocup 2011, we will present our final drafts of the Rules Books.
5) The final draft Rules Books will then be subject to -possible- ratification before or on by 31 December 2011 and implementation (if at all) from 01 January 2012
6) We believe that this is an orderly, reasonable and manageable time frame
7) We do not propose any action that does not have the support of the Stack members, as expressed either direct or via their National Directors.

[2011 - 05 - 16] Euro Cup 2011

Stack Italy, together with organisers in Cervia, Italy.
have confirmed the dates for Euro Cup 2011; 23-25 september!
Details will follow soon.

[2011 - 02 - 16] Euro Cup 2011

Stack Italy, together with organisers in Cervia, Italy.
are planning the 2011 Euro Cup on 23-25 september! They got the go-ahead for preparing this competition from the Stack event coordinator.
Further information follows as soon as it is available.

[2010 - 12 - 10] Calender 2011

The STACK Calender 2011 is online.
It is still almost empty, but we hope to see many festivals and competitions on it, in time!

[2010 - 10 - 06] STACK Euro Cup 2010 information update

The EC2010 results, as well as all scores are on-line!
See the EC2010 page

[2010 - 08 - 06] STACK Euro Cup 2010 information update

The EC2010 figures are chosen!
See the EC2010 page

[2010 - 08 - 09] STACK Euro Cup 2010 information update

A message from the Stack chairperson, Hubert Dessaint.
Also a subscription form for EC2010
See the EC2010 page

[2010 - 07 - 06] STACK Euro Cup 2010 information update

See EC2010 page for all details

[2010 - 06 - 28] STACK Euro Cup 2010 in Calais!

See EC2010 page for all details

[2010 - 06 - 24] Proposal Euro Cup 2010

At the first meeting of Siec (march 14) the French club "Les Galibots" proposed to organise the Euro Cup 2010 in Calais (as suggested already in Weston super Mare, at the EC of 2009).
Since all was quiet for some time, Steffen Versteegh, ND of the BeNeLux, said a few months ago, it would be possible to hold the EC in Scheveningen, during the festival last weekend of september.
Siec is now awaiting the final bid of "Les Galibots"/ FFVL/ Calais, that is due before the end of June. The date for the EC in Calais would be 1/ 2/ 3 October So more news will follow soon!

[2010 - 06 - 24] New SIEC members

Dear STACK members,

At the end of the period for nominating people for the new SIEC the returning officer, Marc van der Graaf, had received 4 nominations for four different position, non for the position of Treasurer. Marc concluded that actual elections were not necessary, just a control on membership of the nominees and their supporters.
The new members are Hubert Dessaint as Chairperson (for a second time); Andrew Taylor (also second time), International Head Judge; Lothar Richter, Pilots Representative and Hans Jansen op de Haar, Event Coordinator (and, for the time being, also treasurer and website administrator)
On march 14, at Neux les Mines a first meeting of Siec took place, a second one in Calais, on june 19.

[2010 - 05 - 10] SIEC 2008-2010 Term Over

Dear STACK members,

the election period for the "old SIEC" has started in April 2008 and lasts till April 2010. Today, we are in May 2010. Up to now, I did not received a final announcement by our returning officer or other SIEC members about the results of our last elections. (I guess I did not missed the official announcement.) This confuses myself a little.

Thus, I declare hereby that I retire from the STACK Treasurers Office.

I will send an email to NDs and SIEC maling list today to figure out how to hand over the STACK documents and all other things.

With best regards,
Steffen Sowade

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